How to manage stress?

How to manage stress?

How to manage stress?

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Knowledge is bliss, sometimes it can be a disaster.

In 1992, I used to work for an engineering company that manufactured sprockets and gears of all sizes and types. Tony Nyunh was my colleague. I still remember the story Tony said about how his family came to Australia from Vietnam via a tiny and overloaded boat. He said, if he had the engineering knowledge that he had now, he wouldn’t have gotten into the refugee’s boat leaving Vietnam for Australia. He said the drive shaft of the motor was a timber rod, the driving pin were bits of timber wedged in to hold the timber rod place with the motor coupling.

Gordon Powell mentions a similar incident when one of his patients, a knowledgeable man in medical science had problems with anxiety. His knowledge about stress and anxiety had caused him to become worried even more. (Power through acceptance, the secret of serenity. Christian herald books NY, 1977)

How would you learn a skill and put it to good use?

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