Why we exist

There are two reasons this company exist:

  1. To encourage students to develop STEM-related skills to meet the demands of the future workforce.
  2. To reduce the time for employers to hire, onboard, and train new employees.


Our research shows that 75% of new jobs will be STEM-related. However, enrolments in STEM subjects across Australia are declining (SMiSposium 2016). We believe, good education does not have to take place in classrooms.

From an industry perspective, digital transformation is connecting education providers and communities in new and exciting ways. Not all education providers are in lock steps with the industry. Some are using an outdated curriculum that was designed a decade ago while others are run by teachers who use legacy knowledge to teach. We recommend innovative teaching styles to offer the best outcomes for the students in mind.


What We Do?

We operate as a social enterprise established to connect the education providers and industry professionals to collaborate and create relevant courses of the future. We build programs for Not-For-Profit organisations and charities to help disengaged and disadvantaged young people with Career Coaching and Create learning pathways in the high demand skills in Australia.

Next Steps…

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