Our research shows that 75% of new jobs will be STEM related. However, enrolments in STEM subjects across Australia are declining (SMiSposium 2016). We believe, good education does not have to take place in classrooms.

From an industry perspective, digital transformation is connecting education providers and communities in new and exciting ways. Not all education providers are in lock steps with the industry. Some are using outdated curriculum that was designed a decade ago while others are run by teachers who use legacy knowledge to teach. We recommend innovative teaching styles to offer the best outcomes for the students in mind.



Smart Networkers, is the intersection point for educators, industry experts and course developers. We are able to design and co-create STEM specific courses with the jobs of the future in mind.
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Globalization requires global workforce. We partner with international educators to create study skill centers. Our students can compete globally. Education globalization requires student mobility between campuses. Experiences created through interaction between diverse cultures can develop responsible global citizens.

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We are an Australian organisation with an aim is to increase the student intake in STEM related courses. We know the industry and have years of experience in the education sector.

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