Our Approach

Did you know Australia is the 3rd most preferred destination for international students?

Education sector is more than $22 billion industry in Australia. Australian STEM Courses exists to businesses and students to co-create courses that are relevant to the industry needs.

International students numbers in Australia is set to exceed one million by 2020. US visa changes and Brexit is contributing to this shift.

Our Story

When ever there is jitters in the market, people react and take a short term view to mitigate the disruption. We've seen this after the Dot Com burst and the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).
As a result, student enrolment in STEM related courses in Australia have declined. Companies have no choice but to offshore their operations or hire foreign workers to fill in the gap.
Our mission is to reduce the gap between courses on offer with the industry needs. We partner with college lecturers to create attractive courses. Students are studying for jobs that won't exist in the future. STEM trained employees have a better chance in securing lucrative jobs. Our aim is to develop our students to be job-ready.

Next Steps...

Do you know where will you be in 10 years from now?